Mosquitoes killing system with CO2 for simulating breath

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>800 ㎡
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Russian Federation
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i4 Technnology
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Supply Ability:
500 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Product Description

" KRN-5000 TURBO PRO" mosquitos killer

" KRN-5000 TURBO PRO" is a new model of an innovative device designed to kill mosquitoes and other human-biting insects (gnats, blackflies, mosquitoes, flies, etc.). It can be used in gardens, private households, as well as in recreation areas. Operating principle is based on using a complex of factors to attract mosquitoes and a high-voltage discharge to kill them.

• Repeller destroys mosquitos in 20-30 minutes after switching on and essentially reduces mosquito population in 10-12 days after the first start-up;
Simulation of all main factors attracting human-biting insects allows to attract most of them;
Extremely powerful fan provides the suction of attracted insects inside to be killed by high-voltage;
• It uses carbon dioxide, a non-explosive gas, which results in safe and secure operation process;
• You don't need to clean the repeller due to its unique design;
• The protection area is large and reaches 0,5 ha (1.2 acres);
Built-in intellectual system reduces gas comsumption;
Additional operation modes are for your convenience.


«KRN-5000 TURBO PRO» is designed to destroy mosquito population in the area of 0.5 hectares (1.2 acres) and the effect is visible in just 20-30 minutes after switching on. It takes 10-12 days for the complete destruction or the essential decrease in mosquito population in the nearby area . You can inspect the monitoring grid to determine the efficiency of the device any time you want (see «User Manual»).

What's new in this model?

We constantly improve consumer properties of our products. In the chart below you can follow the evolution of «KRN-5000» product line and estimate the new, renovated features of the new model.

Operation modes

Basic operation modes:
- Normal mode: device operates continuously until it will be switched off;
- Night mode: device automatically turns off in the daytime, automatically turns on at dusk and night; exactly during the peak of mosquito activity (the device is equipped with a light sensor).

-  "Normal" operation;
- "Economy" allows to reduce consumption of carbon dioxide by decreasing the time of emission;
- "Aggressive" is recommended to use at sites with large numbers of mosquitos.

What is the intellectual system inside?

The intellectual control system increases the efficiency of the device automatically, according to the number of destroyed mosquitoes. The system calculates the number of discharges on a high-voltage grid and regulates the gas release. Therefore if there is a large number of mosquitoes, the gas release will be increased by 10% and the increased number of mosquitoes will be attracted and killed. Otherwise it will be reduced by 10% in order to save  gas.

Is it dangerous to operate the device?

The operation process is safe due to the use of carbon dioxide, not highly explosive propane used by the competition. Carbon dioxide does not combust in comparison to propane that is highly explosive. Still, even though the operation is safe, you should read and follow the operating manual carefully!

What are the other benefits?

Save time and acquire peace of mind by using our mosquitoes repeller.
First, you don't need to clean it even if a large number of mosquitoes have been destroyed due to the unique design of high voltage grids.
Second, the repeller has a heavy duty construction that includes the steel-armored enclosure and the impact-resistant buttons you can't crash. The device can withstand dropping or knocking and operates in all weather conditions.

Is the maintenence difficult and expensive?

In fact it's easy and cheap. All you need to do is renew the container with 'Nonanal'® and refill the carbon dioxide cylinder if necessary. One container with 'Nonanal'® (10ml) is sufficient for 50 days of operation in Normal mode and for a whole season in Night mode.

Carbon dioxide gas cylinder is not supplied, so you need to buy it once. A 10 liter carbon dioxide cylinder is enough for approximately 30 days of operation (in accordance with the operation conditions), a 40 liter cylinder would last for 120 days (throughout the whole mosquito season). You can choose the volume convenient for you.

It is recommended to use only food-grade carbon dioxide gas or a technical-grade gas with high purity. Gas with impurities would significantly affect the operation of the device.

English control panel for easy operation

Package contents:

• Mosquitoes repeller « KRN-5000 TURBO PRO» (destruction block + tripod)
• Container with attractant ("Nonanal"®), 1 piece, 10 ml
• Additional tin trap
• Mounting kit
• Gas-pressure reducer valve
• Monitoring grid
• Packaging
• English user manual.

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Today we have production facilities in the cities of Izhevsk
and Arzamas, and research centers in Nizhniy Novgorod
and  Izhevsk where we successfully combine genius minds
and current technology.
In 2008 our products gained high popularity which
resulted in a strong constant demand. We are convinced that our strategy appeals well to our clients and customers and we  will continue living by it: "Production quality, durable
devices  which conform to declared characteristics".
We don't chase low prices of Chinese products, but we are
ready to stand behind the quality, functionality and reliability
of our products. And we are second to none at this!
All our products come with 12 months warranty.


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